Friday, August 19, 2016

Newsletter!  This is a link to my newsletter.  Click on it and type in your email.  I’m trying something new.  Sometimes there just isn’t enough room on Facebook or my blog to share supply resources, explain a process, show a technique or share what’s going on in my studio (works in progress).   To be honest, it may include more than polymer clay at times.  I love creating jewelry, art dolls, assemblage art, journals, paintings, shabby chic art, etc.  I’m preparing for the holidays soon with lots of polymer, art dolls and mixed media pieces so, if you are interested, sign up.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sole Sisters

 I was inspired by Gwen Murphy's shoe art.  I could not find a website for her, but if you Google her name, you will see some crazy whimsical shoe faces.  Love them.  I made mine from PaperClay and a pair of black flats.  I added eyes that open and close.  I may switch out the colorful earrings for some black and white ones.
I may hang them on my closet wall or maybe set them on the floor by the front door...haven't decided yet.  But they do make me smile.  My right hand and elbow are still painful and numb, but I am getting back to my art and feeling better.