Friday, July 31, 2009

Polymer Clay Vases (no faces)

This vase is the largest I have attempted. It is 9" wide x 14" tall. I made a leaf cane and a petal cane in various sizes and used an acrylic roller to apply them. I wanted it seamless, so I took an inordinate amount of time to manually smooth each area.
I cured it at 260 degrees for about an hour. After curing and cooling, I put on my magnifier and checked for bubbles and/or cracks and luckily, there were none. Very happy with the curing, color combinations and smooth texture.
This vase was an attempt to visually vary the canes and their placement on each side of a square vase to create interest. It's different, but I need symmetry. I've hung on to it because I love the colors, but am happy with the exercise.
I read jewelry artist, Kelly Russell's blog, Beadfuddled, where she talks about doing workshops for herself, challenging her creativity. She had a piece of jewelry she was using as an inspiration piece, but she did not want to "copy" it, but to create something completely different from it. The piece she created was an upside down interpretation that was stunning. Not quite related to vases, but to pushing the envelope. Pushing creativity; starting one thing and letting it take over, following its lead. Getting wonderfully lost in the process. Heaven in a nutshell.

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Anonymous said...

REALLY BEAUTIFUL.... AND I AM SURE A LOT OF WORK!!! Thanks for sharing the pics with those of us that are just starting out!