Friday, December 31, 2010

Flowered Moebius

I crocheted another moebius and added a flower. Have fun tonight; be safe. See you next year.


Rhonda said...

BEAUTIFUL - so soft and pretty!

Have a fabulous and warm, can you believe how cold it is, New Year's Eve, my best friend.

xoxoxoxoxoxo Rhonda

bbdyevr said...

So beautiful...and softly delicate!
Just love this piece!

Barbara said...

So very lovely! Happy New Year to all!

Barbara said...

Thought I posted on this piece, but don't see it so will do so again. I LOVE IT! Not much more to be said than that, it's absolutely the most lovely accessory, and I can see it going very well with my latest wardrobe additions. Marlene, will it be in your Etsy shop soon?