Friday, April 22, 2011

Horse Abstract II

This is Rascal, another one of my friend's horses. I spent the day taking more photographs and getting a tour of her equestrian estate in Wickenburg, Arizona. Beautiful. I am having way too much fun!


Barbara said...

Pretty amazing interpretations, Marlene! They are finished works in my view, not just loosening exercises. Hey, if you don't know what to do with them, I stand in line behind Whytefeather! ;)

Its All About Creating said...

Thank you. They are actually finished. I'm learning through this blog that the way I mean something isn't necessarily the way I write it. My friend wants a traditional "painterly" painting. So I'm attempting to do these first and move on to the traditional. So far, not working.

Rhonda said...

You deserve to have all the fun in the world.
How beautiful you've depicted Mr. Rascal. I love his name, it should be Doug's name, LOL

Your art always and I mean always takes my breath away. xoxoxo Rhonda