Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Polymer and Bead Crochet

I finished another color band bead crocheted rope and paired it with a summery polymer pendant strung on a simple turquoise cord.  I've got two other bead crochet ropes in progress and finished another free form crocheted top which I hope to post tomorrow.  The polymer work table is full of pretty summer colors just waiting to be experimented with.  Life is back to normal.


Cara Jane said...

That's a cool combination! I don't know how you have the patience with all those tiny beads but the result is worth it!

Marie S said...

I love this Marlene.
Does the crocheted rope go fast?
It is just beautiful.
I hope you foot is doing better and you are healing well.
Congratulations on being displayed,that is fantastic, it is a gorgeous piece.

Anonymous said...

I love the ropes!!!!! Marlene any suggestions for joining the ends? I finally got the crochet part down, but can't figure out how to join them! Yours are so gorgeous!