Monday, January 28, 2013

Chinese Fingernail Guards

My black and white polymer clay interpretation of antique fingernail protectors.
I sculpted a textured hand of polymer clay to display the above polymer clay fingernail protectors I made for a competition. 
Above:  In dynastic China, the upper class people grew long fingernails in order to distinguish themselves from the laborers. Manual labor was virtually impossible with excessively long fingernails, so long nails separated the working class from the aristocracy. This type of fingernail protector or guard ensured their nails would not get damaged.


Roberta said...

When I was a kid I remember being traumatized by the sight of those really long fingernails in some old movies.

So creepy. Love the covers you made though!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

ooohhhh I love these!!!! Even though I keep my fingernails short I would still wear these.

Barbara said...

Interesting history, but ghoulish! Keep for a Halloween post...;)

Its All About Creating said...

Thank you for the great comments! I love them!

Katie said...

Those are amazing and intrigueing! Love your take!