Monday, April 15, 2013

Flea Market Mesa, Arizona

We had so much fun at the Mesa Flea Market (click HERE) on Saturday.  I stopped in the doggie sunglasses booth just to get a photo of the models.  They were so cute.
Another booth that made me laugh out loud was wooden walking canes.  The cane on the right is a baseball on top of a bat.  The one in the middle is a woman's leg wearing a high heel.  So creative.
Source:  TripAdvisor
 That's the flea market in the center of the gigantic parking lot; 55 acres of fun.  This was the last weekend for most of the vendors.  They will return in October when the heat of the summer is gone.


Barbara said...

My husband would love this! Me? Not so much, looks exhausting, but that's just me. Two quirky thoughts...the leg reminds me of the movie "The Christmas Story" lol! Second, how did you get that aerial shot? Did they have balloon rides? ;)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I use to got this every weekend. I didn't live to far from it. Miss AZ and the sunshine.