Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Soldering Wire

I slipped some lead-free soldering wire inside my Love & Kisses bead crochet bracelet so it can be worn on the upper arm, as a wrap or as a cuff.
Above is a bead crochet bracelet I also used lead-free soldering wire in (click HERE).  After I cut the soldering wire, I always use a fine metal file to smooth all the edges.  If not smoothly filed, any burr has the potential to tear the inner threads of the bead crochet.
 Love & Kisses (click HERE for pattern) was made using size 8/0, 7 beads around.  Just make sure there is enough room inside the bead crochet tube (or any beaded tube) to accommodate the soldering wire.

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Barbara said...

Very pretty before, now also versatile! :)