Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August

Sometimes you have to look for the humor in things; and sometimes, it finds you.


Barbara said...

There is great deeper wisdom in your words, Marlene. They remind me of a far more serious occasion. My aunt, who is known for her incredible sense of humor, was visiting with family at a brunch after the funeral of my her son, my cousin. She was going from table to table with a smile. When she came to me, I made a comment about her smile helping so many of us (tragically, my cousin had taken his own life). She leaned close and whispered simply "Your sense of humor can get you through anything, Barb."
So just for today, if things don't go well here or there, I'm going to recall your cactus. It gave me a huge grin to start my day!

Roberta said...

Hahahaha! Very cute!

Barbara said...

Went back and looked at this with the intention of not getting so serious. Laughed out loud at the mouth!