Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

 Silly me....this is so appropriate for Halloween.  Here I was thinking I didn't have one thing I could post for this creative day.  But after emerging from my laboratory I went back and took some photos of my latest project.  This is a 40" doll I have started to "alter".  She has gone through several changes in these first drafts. After a base coat of metal paint and an application of lace here and there, I added the chains.  Nope, didn't like them and I didn't like the hair.
Her head was shaved and the large glass eye was replaced with a medium size glass eye.  The other eye remained small.
 After the second coat of metal paint dried, I filled in her leg joints with Apoxie Sculpt so she would be stable and not bend.
What are those circles?  Worries that are surfacing and working their way to the top and will eventually fly away to make room for whimsey.  No, seriously, I have no idea.  Just added them for interest.  More to follow.

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Barbara said...

Very, very spooky! The last two photos especially remind me of Sissy Spacek in "Carrie"...just about the scariest movie ever! Your "laboratory" indeed! More to follow? I like her as she is on Halloween night. Really...40" tall? Creepy!