Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sculpting and Painting

 I took two wonderful classes on on how to sculpt a whimsical doll head and how to paint whimsical doll faces by Marlaine Verhelst (click HERE).  I am a big fan of her work.
 I have been recuperating from some bad allergy attacks.  I was not able to be in our local Art Fair so spent lots of time sculpting heads and painting faces.  Still in the process, but nearing the end.
 Tomorrow I will finish the second coat of the face and eye sealers and move on to figuring out how to attach them to my bases.  They have been on my table for so long, I am anxious to finish them.
 Working on 6 at a time is much too ambitious.  What was I thinking?   But, I love the weird quirkiness, the simplicity and fun of each one.  After they are attached to the bases, it will be fun to work on their costuming and hair.
Although, I am not really doing costumes and hair; but reasonable facsimiles.  I certainly have gained a huge respect for art doll artists!


Barbara said...

OMG, Marlene, these creations have immense personalities with only heads! I cannot wait to see the finished dolls, I may have to have one!

Its All About Creating said...

As always, thank you Barbara.

Lupe Meter said...

I'd say you pretty much mastered that class, Marlene...these doll faces are stunning! Awesome work as usual!!