Friday, August 14, 2015

Polymer Clay Art Vases

A quick 96 second video of my polymer clay embellished vases.  I had fun putting this together.  Some of the pieces are quite old.  The one with the beaded  curly-Qs is from the mid '90's.  Some are small.  The spiral cane covered vase is 4" tall.  Some are tall.  The leaf and petal vase is 24" tall.  Sea Nymph#1 and Sea Nymph#2 are translucent clay sculpted on glass.  The floating clouds under water  are "finger painted" on a ceramic vase.  The same with the gecko vase.  Much fun.


Barbara said...

Thus is really cool! I have to watch it again, have always loved the sea nymphs. So now you are making movies. Is there no limit to your talents?! Silly question. Of course, there isn't. :)

Marlene Brady said...

Thank you Barbara. You are so nice.