Friday, October 2, 2015

Ghouhl Friends Till The End

It's the Ghoul Friend pins making their Ghoulish Entrance again (get it? enTRANCE).  The Ghoul Friends work the graveyard shift and, make no bones about it, they think it is the best.  No ghouling around, they think every shroud has a silver lining.  They look forward to going out after work to party, but, don't worry, they practice safe hex.  They love going out to eat.  But no handburgers or halloweiners for them.  Nope, only the finest quality health food.  Why?  Because it is super natural.   Muwahahahahaha, so begins the Halloween season.


Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

Adorable.Just love those, Marlene!

Barbara said...

What a fun way to start a day with rain, wind, and the effects of a hurricane in the forecast here in south Jersey. It's very dark outside, no silver linings in these shrouds, perfect ghoulish weather! 😀 Your pins aren't TOO frightening, they make me smile.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Very cute post and Halloween pins. I would wear them year round. Stop by my blog to see what I have been creating since I can no longer bead. Have a great day