Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Christmas In July

A good friend gave me the crystals from her mother's antique chandelier.  I wired a small hanger and hung them on spiral ornament hangers.  I also hung all 35 of the spiral icicles I beaded.  The tree is so pretty with or without the lights on.
And, yes, the ornaments were carefully packed and the tree dissembled, awaiting the holidays.
I found yards of long blue fringe at a second hand store.  It made the most luscious little tree.  It's all texture and bouncy little strings.

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Barbara said...

Beautiful! I love your spiral hangers, and I'm grateful for the one I have. I also love glass of any kind,so that combination is a winner. :) The fringe tree is awesome. I go to thrift stores and see things, but I lack the kind of imagination that results in something like this. Really amazing!