Friday, March 31, 2017

Native American Polymer Clay Bead Embroidery


Finished the Native American bead embroidery piece. I added several more layers of beaded outline and a nice long fringe. Mounted it on a black leather covered wooden plaque and covered the back with black felt to complete it.

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Barbara said...

Oh my, Marlene, this is exquisite! I know the delicate, and sometimes tedious, beading that must have seemed never-ending as you worked. Your bead placement is perfection, something I could never achieve when doing bead embroidery. Then, of course, that face. It's acceptance and wisdom is palpable. The black leather covered plaque sets it off beautifully. Two questions, how long did this take to complete, and how large is it? I hope it is displayed in a place for many to appreciate it, for a very long time to come!