Saturday, October 21, 2017

Needle Felted Centerpiece

 I have been needle felting on and off while recovering from health issues.
  Embellishing with beads, fancy wool yarns and embroidery stitches.
 Detail of beaded mushroom.
 Detail of beaded moss covered rocks.
I added purchased silk flowers, faux succulents, leaves, some tiny lime green plastic flowers, pine needles and cones.  Finished it off with some brightly colored felted balls.


Barbara said...

Beautiful, Marlene! I hope it brought you some healing peace to work on this. I know the intense amount of poking and prodding with needle-felting, a therapeutic activity in itself. I am a little surprised, however. I expected you to show up with witches, goblins and pumpkins. ;)

Mal said...

I had missed your voice Marlene and hope that all is going well health wise!! Sending liven d thoughts for a full recovery. Your versatility continues to amaze me!!