Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coffee Cuff Surprise

Not only did I receive my beautiful coffee cuff from Cat Ker of In the Light of the Moon (click HERE), but I got the magazine she was published in, Cloth-Paper-Scissors (click HERE). Her article appears in the Holiday 2011-2012 issue. What a great surprise. Again, thank you Cat.


Barbara said...

Very neat, no cold coffee or a cup that's too hot to handle on your end, I'm sure. I wanted to comment yesterday, but honestly didn't know what to say. ;) Nothing came to mind except it's a unique sculpture! I'm reminded of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or a wedding cake gone bad. LOL Guess I feel comfy saying those things because you don't seem to be sure about its redeeming qualities yourself. Kudos for generously sharing something with all of us that you feel uncertain about. I will say a couple things -- it has great movement and flow (is it trying to topple?) and I **LOVE** the big colorful bead at the top!

Its All About Creating said...

You never fail to make my day; always bringing a smile to my face and, like today, an out loud laugh. You get it. That's exactly how I felt. A wedding cake gone wrong says it all. Thank you for your wonderful words.