Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bead Crochet Necklaces

I finished the third Color Band necklace and started this one.


Lois Moon said...

I love these necklaces and can't wait to see more designs in the piece you just started. I love the orange (I should say Pantone Tangerine!)spiral which runs through a few blocks of color.

I've yet to try bead crochet, but have a cryptic note next to the computer that reads: size 10 steel crochet hook. I just finished 32" of spiral tubular peyote with 15/0 beads...I know I have the patience for crochet.

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Lois. I love working with size 11 seed beads, so working with the size 8's feels awkward and they are so much heavier. I hope you post a photo of the tubular peyote piece. I would love to see it.