Friday, January 27, 2012

Polymer Faux Leather Cuff

This was my third submission to IPCA's 2011 Progress and Possibilities (click HERE). I had researched armor and learned that most early armor ended at the elbow, so some type of wrist guard was necessary. I was inspired by this, and as a result, yesterday's post of the Contemporary Wrist Armor and today's piece "Modern Wrist Guard" were my polymer clay interpretations.


Beadwright said...

I am totally taken by these three pieces. If you didn't say they were polymer one would be guessing at the materials. In the photos anyway. Love this piece.

Barbara said...

Wow,this does indeed resemble leather! I enlarged the photo and those metal studs would guard the wrist, without a doubt, but from a distance it's not so daunting, just lovely.
I just had an out of left field thought (way out!), wonder if someday you will become a polymer faux Marlene. Think that's a great idea for a Twilight Zone episode. LOL, told you it was out of left field!

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Barbara. A polymer faux Marlene-how funny.

Its All About Creating said...

Nicole, thank you so much. I hope you are on the mend. I appreciate hearing from you.