Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Polymer Magnetic Closure

Polymer clay applied over a magnetic closure, textured, painted and baked. I originally made this bracelet with a beaded magnetic closure and loved it until I wore it. The beads kept getting in the way of the magnets causing the the loops to tangle, so it had to go. It took a good photo though (if I do say so myself).


Barbara said...

Very good photo, very pretty beaded closure. Too bad it had to go, but the replacement works very well with the natural look of the whole bracelet. Are the "links" polymer as well? They remind me of conch shell egg cases we find on the beach! :)

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Barbara. I bought them years ago from the Bead Museum that was here for many years in Glendale, AZ; now closed. I think that's what they are. I was told the finish was permanent. That much I remember. LOL