Friday, March 23, 2012

Altered Art Jewelry Display #4

This was fun to put together. A while ago, I made a necklace of the Cracker Jacks' toys I collected as a kid. I decided to make a "toy" display to showcase it. There are new buttons, old cars, trains, vintage piggies and bears, etc. My favorite is the Fischer Price guy that belonged to our kids when they were small. Kind of a full circle thing. I will be using the display at our local art fair this Saturday to display another necklace. I am almost done with everything.


Beadwright said...

This is an eye catcher for sure. How could anyone pass this up at a show?

Barbara said...

This really took me back! I don't recall collecting these little trinkets, and now I wish I had. My daughter has a whole box of Happy Meal toys she collected, but they don't lend themselves to making jewelry. No surprise, think I see a skeleton's skull in there..great display!