Saturday, March 10, 2012

Native Stripes Bead Crochet

The above handful of luscious beads is what I will be sorting through for awhile.
The worst part is sorting the light blue from the turquoise (below) because they are so close in color. Unless I am using an Ott light, I can't tell the difference.
Since January 1, I've been in an online string along with over 30 women with master teacher, Judith Bertoglio-Giffin leading us on this wonderful bead crocheting journey. I am one of the second shift stragglers as I ran out of beads. I would have had enough according to directions, but did I follow directions? Nooooo, I had to go my own way with a section. So midway I had to order more beads and life happened in the meantime and I am just now trying to catch up. Sorting, sorting and more sorting.

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Barbara said...

Oh my! Thinking about you, Marlene, as you sort through these beads. I know it's necessary in order to use them the way you'd like, but I really sorta like them as they are in the top pic. Kudos to you! I think I'd be lazy and not even try. Must scroll down now and see what I've missed. Life hasn't left much time for blogging lately.