Friday, July 27, 2012

Unique Displays

Very cool displays at the Clothes Hound in Prescott, Arizona.  Everywhere I looked, I smiled.
Shoes for dancing to those old records.  Plywood shelving, walls and displays showcased the owner, Candy Hull's fun accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes and women's apparel.
It wasn't just shopping, it was an experience.  Seriously fun.
See the little red bowl to the bottom right of their window?  It was kept full of fresh water for the puppies lucky enough to be shopping "The Square" in Prescott, Arizona.  So, if you are in the area, stop by Candy's shop at 122 S. Montezuma in Prescott and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool place. I love that their counter bottom (lol, can't think of what to call it) is painted in chalkboard paint! That idea is a keeper : ) Also, I am so happy that I can now make comments on your beautiful blog! I have no idea what Blogger had against us.

Christine said...

It is so thoughtful of them to leave a bowl of water for pets that are parched.

Unfortunately there are some places who are not so caring.