Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I beaded the top section of a purchased paper mache' armature and then veneered the bottom section (which had been brushed with liquid polymer clay) with thin slices of a extruded polymer clay canes.  I made this piece for a polymer clay competition in 2010 (click HERE).  The extruded squares and circles represent the many stepping stones in a woman's life.  The paths that turn corners and go in circles.  Some cracked or broken completely; some smooth and beautiful.  I struggled with the "off" proportion of the beaded top and polymered bottom.  I made an extra piece for the bottom thinking I would be able to balance it out, make it work.  Then I realized, there is no making it work, it is what it is.  I made this piece during a friend's long and painful treatment for breast disease during which she would ask "Why?".  


Beadwright said...

It does work and it is suppose to be just what it is.
Hope your friend is healed now.

Mar BisuterĂ­a said...

Bellisima pieza!!! y una historia muy bonita

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Fantastic piece and touching story.
-Eva Maria

A Half-Baked Notion said...

Marlene, I was fascinated by this statement piece, initially because of my love of anything related to sewing paraphernalia. Then your wonderful commentary provided an eye-opener for me. I regard your "proportion problem" as a metaphor for our journey as women, where circumstances are seldom in balance. Your reflection on your friend's struggle is moving and uplifting.