Monday, September 3, 2012

7 Wheels Bead Crochet, Styles 1 & 2

I designed a bead crochet rope with seven bead crocheted wheels.  The wheels/rings serve as a design component as well as a counter-balance as show above and below.
 I've worn this necklace aptly named "7 Wheels" in so many different combinations, I decided to feature them this week.  I'm counting these as Style 1 and 2 because it could be looped one more time around the neck, bringing it up both in the back and front.  I went with these two photos because I loved the drama of the back piece being so long.


Barbara said...

Beautiful, Marlene! The balance is important, and so is the beautiful bare back of your "model". Don't think I could pull off such a pretty look if worn on on my back. LOL! I love the twisted ends. I suspect you have a post about this, do you? I may have missed it.

Christine said...

A beautiful necklace and so versatile!