Friday, September 28, 2012

Embellished Polymer Clay Driftwood

I was inspired by Alisa Burke's "Altered Driftwood" shown below (click HERE for her blog).  Alisa collects all shapes and sizes and embellishes them by wrapping with fabric and embroidery thread, etc.  She paints them, hangs them, and displays them in jars.  I wanted to wear mine.  Instead of using fabric, I used polymer clay canes.  I sculpted the driftwood from Sculpey Ultra Light polymer clay and gave a light brushing of acrylic paint.


Beadwright said...

Very tribal looking. I really like the bright colors and the shapes of the wood.
Very nice work.

Barbara said...

At first, I thought how come I don't find driftwood like this? We comb our beach everyday, none. The I read your post and realized you didn't find it either! Very inventive, I think you can make anything from polymer, and as always, very colorful and pretty. Well, almost always colorful, I had to read the post below this to find you made the gray faux beaded beads from polymer too. I thought you had drilled rocks. Not colorful, but still pretty. :)