Monday, November 26, 2012

Polymer Set

I got some great pieces out of a mokume gane'  sheet that I used for some pendants.  The above was made from the left over scraps.  The inside of each piece was made from Sculpey UltraLight and baked.  I then coated the baked UltraLight pieces with liquid clay and then covered them with the polymer scraps.  

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Barbara said...

Marlene, I have yet again learned from you. I had no idea what a mokume gane' sheet is until I read on the web it's all about metal smithing. I though, oooof, heavy! But then I read your post and realized these pieces are not heavy at all. I love the look - subtly colorful and somewhat blingy (when enlarged) yet very natural in appearance as well. One caveat, the display, although perfect for the feel of these pieces, reminds me of some kind of medieval instrument of torture. Like I said, perfect!