Monday, November 19, 2012

Wet Felting

 Yesterday I took a wet felting class from Maggie Leininger who was teaching in Tempe.  She is a visiting professor at Arizona State University and teaches woven structure, sculptural techniques and digital processes.
Fascinating artist, wonderful teacher, great class, good company and lots of fun.  I learned some basic wet and needle felting.  I made some beads, a small ring, a woven piece and covered a bar of soap (my favorite).  More tomorrow.

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Barbara said...

Isn't felting fun?! Marlene, you have taken it to another level, wearing felted cloth projects. Making beads and jewelry is not unusual, but your wristlet, bracelet, arm embellishment(?) defies definition as jewelry. The other thing is how awesome it looks when laid flat -- a simply presented work of art. I'm addicted to knitting and felting vessels these day, a whole other process that lacks the same kind of versatility, but that's fun too. Felting offers so many options. Can't wait to see more! :)