Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Clay Carnival Workspace

Above is my workspace.  I had a collapsable-folding shelf (on the right) that held my jewelry findings, buna cord, tape, small stuff area under it and on top were my tools, glues, polypaste, etc.  On the left I kept all of my cutters, templates, glass & tiles  It worked out well and I wouldn't change anything.  I really did not need to bring all of that (other than the usual workspace basics) as pretty much everything was supplied and if I needed something extra, there was the Carnival Store where I could buy extra clay, findings, etc.
 There are 3 work rooms at Clay Carnival.  The Rowdy Room, The Chatty Room and The Zen Room. I chose the Zen Room because I tend to get in my own world and am oblivious.  There were 16 average in the 3 rooms with plenty of space to work and move around.
Some people brought small tarps to put under their chairs, some flattened leaf bags and some used the large paper supplied by the hotel.  But, everyone cleaned their area & table.  It was so well arranged, it just flowed like butter.

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Barbara said...

Wow, I would have chosen the Zen room as well, and the closer to the wall I could get, the better! Looks self-indulgent and fabulous!