Friday, September 13, 2013

Re-Design of Upcycle

I took the mandala bracelet apart and made it into a pendant.  I decided I would wear the pendant more than I would the bracelet.  I used carving tools to gently carve around the back of the metal bracelet until the bracelet popped out.  I then had to sand the back of the Mandala smooth.  I used liquid clay to apply raw clay to the back of the cured piece.  I inserted the bail and reinforced it.  I then textured the back and then backed.  After it was cool, I drilled three holes.  I sanded and buffed it to a shine and then added the three feathers.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Very nice result, Marlene. I can understand your decision to do this as I wouldn't wear a piece on my wrist that large either, but it makes a stunning pendant! I really like the addition of feather charms!