Thursday, March 27, 2014


 I used Apoxie Sculpt to create some "U" shaped hooks and then painted them to blend into the painting.   It has sparked an idea of using some small mixed media pieces as the hooks so that when the jewelry was removed, the painting would stand on its own.
 The art fair is a lot of work, but when it is over, I am so psyched to do another just based on the nice people I meet who take time to talk.
 As I am aging, I realize my time and health are limited and it is only a matter of time that I will not be able to an art fair.  Enjoying this past fair was a treat.  I am thankful.


Barbara said...

A genius idea for display, before and after selling! Art fair or not, you will find an outlet and need this creative idea. Would an indoor holiday craft show be as much work? Just a thought...

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Barbara. I'm looking into the indoor venue for next spring.