Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pins Worn as Pendants

 Bettina Welker's fabulous tutorial (click HERE) for her polymer clay pin converter is wonderful.
Pin converters have been around for a while, but new designs such as Bettina's and Lorenzo Mele's vertical adapter (above left) and Sean Brown's (above right) are so refreshing.
In 2012, I did a post on using a straw as a pin converter (click HERE).  Something quick and easy.  For something stronger than a straw, you can use various sizes of brass tubing in whatever size that would accommodate your cable or chain.  Just slip it over the pin, close, lock and slide it on a chain.
My polymer clay Chameleon Pin (below) converted to a necklace (above) using a straw.


Barbara said...

I liked this idea on your Facebook page, and now see even more details here. Very creative ideas!

Marian Hertzog said...

Great ideas! I love pins but they are not as in favor as they used to be it seems. Love the Chameleon!