Thursday, July 31, 2014

Polymer Clay Magic

 I'm taking Leslie Blackford's "Circus Train Car" sculpting class at Clay Carnival in Las Vegas.  The objective of the class is to create a “character piece” that tells a story.  By using details from life events and memories we will sculpt a character that reflects our own personal  journey.  My something personal is a small polymer clay magician's hat with a rabbit coming out of it.  I sculpted it from polymer clay and can't wait to see how I will be able to incorporate into my piece.


Barbara said...

Very cool, and one wonders how this fits into your personal life! Were you once a magician? ;)

coltpixy said...

Wow! It is fabulous! I cannot wait to see where you go with it either.

Its All About Creating said...

Thank you. No, I wasn't a magician. I will post the end result soon. I wasn't able to finish it in class, but it is almost done.