Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Watermelon Pattern

To download the pattern, right click on the above photo and choose "download".
It took me four times to see the rhythm of the zig zag pattern.  I feel funny saying that because it is probably apparent to anyone else, but for me it was trial and error.  Anyway, it is a fun pattern for summer and I hope you enjoy it.


Barbara said...

Thank you for making this available, Marlene, from everyone *else* especially, because not only am I "pattern challenged" but also I'm not likely to see the rhythm of this ever, not to mention in four tries. Heck, forty tries probably wouldn't be enough for me. I'm going cross-eyed just looking at all those little squares. You are a true artisan, I admire so very much that you can do this, and it's stunning! But I'd have to buy a piece, not make it. ;)

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

Hi Marlene, your persistence paid off in a fantastic pattern. Did you teach yourself to pattern or did you take a class? It is so generous for you to share the results of your hard work with us!

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Paula. I played with DB-Bead free software for years and then when I got my MAC computer I switched to JBead. I still don't know the finer tunings of it, but each time I learn a little bit more.

Magnum Opus said...

I am at my begging with crocheting and seeing your results and how hard work pais off in such a wonderful necklace I can't wait to practice and achieve your experience.
Thank you for sharing with us your work, tips and tricks!
You are such a warm person,

Best wishes,

Its All About Creating said...

Magnum, thank you for your kind words!