Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clay Carnival Inchies

Heading out to Las Vegas for the annual Polymer Clay Carnival!  So excited. The Grumpy Cat inchies were a challenge.  They look more Grumpy Cat Zombies so they fit right in with the rest of my pieces.  The piggies are a hold-over from the "Bacon Necklace".  Had to throw some of them in.  Thurs. 4hr. class in the morning is with Jana Roberts Benzon, Leslie Blackford's 4 hour class is in the afternoon.  Friday morning is Judy Belcher and the afternoon is with Dawn Schiller.  Saturday's 8 hour class is with Bettina Welker.  Sunday's morning class is with Donna Kato and the afternoon with Natalia Garcia de Leaniz.  Whew!  Since I will be busy with classes and not able to post, I am filling in with some fun mold-making in the next few days.

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Barbara said...

What a novel thought, Grumpy Cat Zombie! Adorable, love it. I suspect you are in class, looking forward to your review. :)