Friday, July 17, 2015

Polymer Clay Transfer

The polymer clay transfer is about 5"x7" mounted on an 8"x11" piece of distressed wood painted black and sanded.  It makes a nice backdrop for displaying necklaces.  It is really fun doing a large transfer on polymer clay.


Hopemore Studio said...

I've been doing transfers for years and love it too! I've also wondered about uses for very larger transfers. I really like your framed piece, do you have any other ideas for transfers like this?

Marlene Brady said...

Hi Angie, I will be posting a photo of another large transfer I did. I purchased a metal frame that had a sign hanging from it. I removed the sign and hung the transfer. Other than wall hangings and table art, I would think it could be glued to a glass table lamp, hung in a window, glued to a cabinet door or the top of a jewelry box, etc. Think outside the box…right?

Barbara said...

Your displays are always lovely, Marlene!