Friday, December 13, 2019

Blue and White Ornaments

A Blue Sharpie, a smooth, plastic ornament and some basic shapes make for a pretty ornament. As seen on Pinterest, wipe the ornament with some rubbing alcohol, use a pattern or make one up, take your marker and start drawing.  I sealed mine with PYMII.  
The mirrored balls are on a timer.  I mixed 2 strings of battery operated lighted mirrored balls in with the ornaments.  The glass vase and crystal pillar candle holder are from Goodwill.  I'm so happy with this arrangement.  It's also my nightlight. I love how soft the lighting is.  I'm going to hate to take it down.


Barbara said...

The sheer amount of time and talent it took to draw so perfectly on many ornaments is way more than impressive. Then to add mirrors and lights has won me over entirely. Even as long ago as when I made and beaded spirit dolls, I often added a mirror or two to add a reflection of light. A simply beautiful display, Marlene!

Barbara said... need to take it down at all. Enjoy it year-round wherever you feel a need for night-light.

Marlene Brady said...

Thank you so much Barbara; made my day.