Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pendants and Pins

Isn't this wild? It's big, colorful, chunky and has a little hardware thrown in. It's rustic, but modern abstract.
Most of my pendants have either 24K gold leaf or a gold leaf composite layered in the polymer clay. The veining in the above piece turned out gorgeous.
This turquoise and purple pendant beautifully resembles stone. I sanded all these pieces starting with a 250 grit and ended with a 2000 grit and then they were polished on the electric buffer. They have a wonderful feel to them. The dimensional layering in the below piece is really emphasized by the polishing. The shine is stunning. It is one of my favorites.
Below is a "torn" edge free form pendant.
This brooch was painted with alcohol inks over the polymer clay. I let it dry between layers and then cured it.
The below piece has the most gorgeous details in it. The shading is so unusual. It is also the largest of the pendants.
The below piece is black and white with hints of lavender layered in the gold leafing.

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Karen Freidt said...

I really like the first one you have posted under pendants (green and purple). Very nice!