Monday, August 31, 2009

Published in Polymer Cafe'

I am so happy. Got an email from a friend congratulating me on being published in the October, 2009 Polymer Cafe' "Readers' Gallery" and about broke a leg running out to the mailbox. What a great feeling.
That's me on the right. My alter ego. Full page. OMG! Does it get any better than this?
Above and below weren't published, just the full figure, but thought I would add a couple of detail photos.
OK, so they gave me a more exotic name. "Marlena" instead of Marlene. I've always liked the name Marlena.
Above and below photos show the basic armature wiring and pre-wiring for the hanger on the back.
My heartfelt thanks to Polymer Cafe' magazine. You've made my year.

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Rhonda said...

So true, girlfriend, so true!