Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is the entrance to my studio in the center of our home. The Native American figure on the left is an oil based clay sculpture I did to be bronzed. But, as you can see, he has not made it to the foundry and probably won't until I win the lottery.
Lots of great books and reference materials. I love books. No, I mean I LOVE books.
The bookshelves hold everything from my painting supplies to my beads.

Above and below are the new cabinets we had built in for art supply storage.
Just starting to move everything from the bookcases to the cabinets and label things.
The bottom shelves are on rollers so I can access the supplies in the back. The cabinets are directly behind my work table.
Every once in a while I take stock of my supplies. Thank goodness I have such generous friends who have given me their polymer clay discards. Otherwise I would never have the color and brand assortment I have.
More is more, less is a bore.
I am beginning work on canes and mokume gane so have organized according to color.
I have custom blended some colors, rolled and wrapped them for the upcoming projects.
Boxes and containers of scrap clay will be used. I liked the below tool holder so much I copied the pattern and made one out of scrap clay.
Not all the same color, but it does the job perfectly and has withstood the test of time.

Below are some heads I have been working on in between jewelry pieces. I've included them as long as they were in the mess on the table.

My electric motor and pasta machine. Love that motor. Has a foot pedal so I can use both hands to feed long sheets.
My second pasta machine is for manual rolling. If I can't sleep and want to condition clay, I can do it quietly without waking the hubby. I just realized how bizarre that sounds. How many people condition clay when they can't sleep. But it is relaxing. Really.
I store my finished canes in ammunition boxes which are stored in the cabinets when I'm not caning.
The above ammo boxes vary in sizes from small caliber to shotgun for larger canes and plugs.
Above are rolling carts that hold my paints and more beading supplies. New cabinets are in the background.
My TableTop Photography Tent and lighting system. The sides of the tent filter the light so no shadows are cast. I also purchased several backdrops sized for this tent. They conveniently clip and velcro to the inside. The whole unit completely folds down and is stored in a zippered case about 14". The lights also telescope and fold for storage.
My painting area. Right now it is a little messy (ok, a lot messy). But I am still in the process of sorting, moving and organizing. Who am I kidding? I will get involved with an idea and the moving will be put off. I know it is not the norm to have a studio in the center of your home without a door to close on the mess. But that's ok, I'm happy. I love my studio. Every square inch of it. And let's face it, it is so me.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!
Makes me want to get up and start greating something myself RIGHT NOW!!
And I see you found your tools!
Wonderful site!