Thursday, November 18, 2010

Plein Air Painting

This was my first attempt at plein air painting in acrylics while sitting in the sun so it was hard and fast brushstrokes. Above is what I was looking at and below is the finished 8x10 painting. I'm an impressionist, so it is a "painterly" interpretation.
What would I do differently? Bring sunblock (duh!) and buy high quality canvases. I bought cheap ones thinking that I was just going to do some basic sketching.
That's me (above photo) with my little make shift plein air studio. This morning I ordered a very lightweight outdoor painting easel and paid extra for faster shipping because I'm excited to get it NOW. We are heading out to Wickenburg, Arizona on Friday. Can't wait.
A couple of plein air painters from our Art Club. Everyone else painted in oils and had wet canvas carriers. They each had an interesting system. of transporting and set up. So much to learn, so little time.


Barbara said...

I love the relaxing look of these scenes. I always find it so easy to get lost in creating, and these folks look as if they don't even know their photo was being taken (you included!).
Your interpretation of the scene is lovely, and I especially like the additional focus you put on the water.

Roberta said...

The painting is lovely. You are so lucky to be out in the outdoors. We are hunkering down indoors now in the NE and it isn't fun. Keep posting for those of us stuck indoors!

eddieross said...

What a gorgeous view to paint! Your painting came out lovely too!!


Its All About Creating said...

Thank you all! -Marlene