Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tiger Bracelet

We spent the holiday with good friends, so I have just been sitting back and relaxing.....beading, painting, polymer(ing). I didn't have to worry about anything; what a luxury. The beading strings are still attached because I still have not found the closures I am looking for. In the meantime, I am starting on a Zebra bracelet that I hope to finish by Christmas.


MÂȘ Reyes said...

Precioso. Besos

Carol Creech said...

Awesome bracelets, Marlene! I just love the patterns, especially the leopard one. Very cool. Glad you had a nice holiday! We did, too. I will be getting back to some pen and ink house portraits shortly. Christmas deadline, so I'd better get moving! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, totally impressive, so much work, and of one of my favorite animals too.