Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mom's Day

[source] All together......awwwwwwwww. I know it is not the usual cute baby pics, but is me (c'mon). Happy Mom's Day to all the "mothering" types of you out there who are caretakers, fixers, nurturers, comforters, baby-ers and cuddle-rs who give your all everyday to your families, extended families, adopted families, pets, neighbors, friends, patients, etc. Hope your day is special.


Rhonda said...

Bless you, Mar. This is what I needed. Happy Mother's Day to you, I know your family loves you so much!

Sophie didn't buy me a card but I know she loves me. wink wink

Its All About Creating said...

Believe me, that little girl of yours would buy you a lot more than a card if she could! You are the sweetest Ron.

1129 said...

the same to you and the cutiest dragon I've ever seen :) btw: yesterday my cat had her first little kittens, happy mother's day to her too!

Fabi said...

Muchas gracias ¡¡¡
Te pongo el enlace de YouTube
Un fuerte abrazo.