Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Cards of Polymer Creations

"The Tribe" I hand sculpted faces from polymer clay, made a mold from polymer clay and created more.Hand sculpted polymer clay and beaded head piece.
My copyrighted "Bald Headed Beads" (above) and another polymer clay face below.
I ordered more photo cards for distribution at Bead and Button......400 to be exact. I just about had a different image for each card. I have to pay more for rush shipping, so I hope they are worth it. I'm running around here trying to get ready for the Bead and Button Show so if I miss a few days of posting....that's why.

1 comment:

Roberta said...

These are great, wonderful, fantastic! The colors in the top photo are beyond wonderful.

I don't usually like faces. They are usually always the same but yours are different and sublime.

Nice work.