Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Knitted Neckpiece

Finally finished this piece and am happy with it. It has a unique look and feel to it.
I have been on a roll with the crocheting and knitting just to relax. I'm still working on the horse paintings which are not going that well at this point. I've had an ear ache which is just hanging on despite the antibiotics. Anywho, my husband just walked in and said, "You know, this is not the painting she is looking for....the mountain is all wrong and...." I was sitting at the computer and whipped around so fast I looked like Linda Blair in the Exorcist and he flew out of the room. I will be crocheting later, obviously.


Marie S said...

WOW, I love this, it reminds me of the ocean for some reason, just wonderful!

Rhonda said...

NO he didn't????? You are too funny. Poor husband, I bet he wished he could take those words back....LOL

Thanks for the laugh, seriously, I'm laughing so hard.

Your neckpiece is gorgeous and I sure hope your ear feels better soon.

Barbara said...

Another beautiful neckpiece! Taking a break from painting with relaxing crocheting and knitting is probably a good idea. I suspect you will return to it fresh and productive when it's time comes. Everything has a season.