Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dexter's Shower Curtain

On the last minute, I decided to make a "Psycho" shower curtain for Halloween. I set up in a small area on the side of our house and hung the plastic liner on the clothes line and started splattering a couple of colors of red acrylic paint. Spritzed it with some water and let the red drip down the curtain. The wind came up.................... and I had red paint all over the back of our trailer, the trailer's license plate, the propane tank, the rocks, you name it. We had some wind damage to our roof from the last wind storm, so I had a repairman come to give us an estimate. Unfortunately, he came the afternoon after I was done painting. He walked all the way around the house and stopped dead at that red splattered side yard and was speechless. Took me a minute to realize and then explain my crazy idea of the shower curtain and that it wasn't really blood. Honest.


coltpixy said...

I bet the initial look on his face was priceless.

Roberta said...

HA! Dexter shower curtain! How I love that show! That does look very scary though. Almost too scary!

Makrina Zografou said...

the moment i saw your posts notifification the first thought that came to my mind was alfreds hitchcocks movie ...psycho...then i visited your blog and realised that you named that shower curtain as that movie... that was a good one !ha?!!!?!?!?