Saturday, November 5, 2011

Textured Abstract

Kind of says how I am feeling. We couldn't set up Friday afternoon because of high winds. I'm posting this late Friday night and I'm pretty worried the weather is not going to cooperate for Saturday's Art Fair. I worked hard on making some changes to my booth and was looking forward to seeing how it all fit together. I used a few ideas from my Pinterest board from the Booth, Display, Blog & Marketing board. I really get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Well, off to get a good night's sleep and see what Saturday brings or doesn't bring.


Whytefeather said...

Love this piece! Wonderful texture, the "hair" grabs my eye and draws me in to look more. Hope the winds calmed down and you were able to set up without a hitch!

Barbara said...

I agree, I hope the winds calmed down so you could display as they needed to be. I'm so far behind in commenting, but have read all of your posts. You stay so busy! This piece is neat, draws my attention to the one eye that's staring at me. I love faces, and I find this one extremely neat! The textures make it so special. Dubbing you "Queen of Texture". Your shower curtain story is wonderful! If I had to choose from all the bloggers I follow who would come up with such an idea, it would be you, hands down! LOL! Let us know how your show went.