Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Tutorial Wrapped Vest

I'm not even half way, but I'm having fun with this pattern. Worked side to side so who knows what it will look like. I am making mine with one side of the front on an exaggerated angle and the rest even. Probably not a good idea, but oh well, I'm having fun. I want to make a phenomenal polymer shawl pin for it too. The Seafoam Green Wrapped Vest free pattern from Michele Dupont (click HERE) of Two and Six blog. The middle photo of the gray wrapped vest pattern is from Joyce Lives Here blog (click HERE).

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Susan Spalter said...

Hi Marlene--I was in Judith Bertoglio Giffen's Bead Crochet along group with you. I am interested in making this vest and was wondering how yours came out. Did you have to adjust the pattern at all? Can you include a photo of it finished with the wide collar--the first part looks very nice. Thanks so much. Susan Spalter(aka susan beth on Facebook).