Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beaded Ankle Bracelet

 The beaded ankle bracelet is a fun explosion of beads; a fun, over-the-top statement piece.  I envision it with a gorgeous wrap over a stunning swimsuit and a hat where all you can see are your sunglasses and your turquoise beaded earrings peeking out.  Might as well add some white sand, the ocean breeze and a Margarita to that picture.  Mmmmm, I'm relaxed just thinking about it.

Good news on the broken foot--don't need surgery. Yay!  Some plaster tape and a boot for another month and a brace after that and I should be able to bead shop for another 20 years. LOL.


DIAN said...

this is gorgeous and I think I like the idea of the margarita as well. Good news about your foot too.

Beadwright said...

That is great news!!! and now that you have it, please please please take care of your feet. I broke my foot in early 2010. Wore the boot for the next year and a half. My foot kept breaking. I have heard this "rebrake" story several times. Good luck........ this is OOOHHHHH.... so.. LOL
Have a good weekend