Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valerie Hector

 This is the card I received with my brooch.  It says" Short Narrow Bar--gold weave-gold, copper & bronze beads from contemporary Japan are the most expensive beads made in the world today--the tiny black beads are early 20th century Venetian.  Thank you!  Valerie 9-92"
The inside of the card gives a short biography (click on photo to read).  I loved having this handwritten explanation of what beads were used and where they were from.  Such a wonderful personal touch.
I love her book, "The Art of Beadwork".  If you are interested, it can be purchased through Fire Mountain Gems (click HERE).  
"Short Narrow Bar"

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Barbara said...

How nice to have the background info. I knew the beads were special.
Also, the photos are so well done that even my eyes can read the info. Well done!